Why I launched The OMTM

Hi - I’m Ian, Founder of The OMTM

Our mission is to turbocharge leadership performance! To start, we’re doing this by connecting leaders and teams in high growth companies with exceptional independent coaches.

Our curated, peer reviewed coaches have worked with companies including Google, Facebook, Salesforce (& 100’s more), alongside having each previously built their own, or been a leader in major company.

In short, they are badass.

What started this journey

I’ve spent my career launching my own products and services; creating, scaling, failing (frequently and sometimes spectacularly), succeeding (occasionally) and exiting (twice).

Most of my learnings are the result of my own (often avoidable) mistakes. However, towards the end of my last venture, I was lucky enough to work with Colin, an exceptional coach. The work we did together had a huge impact on me, the leadership team and the wider company. Ultimately, the work we did helped the business to achieve a more successful outcome.

Eureka, i'd found coaching. A better way to learn

After countless discovery conversations with founders and coaches, some key things became clear:

  1. Leaders of startups and scaleups that had experienced great coaches were evangelical too.

  2. However, the majority didn’t know where to find the right coach..... there are +50,000 currently registered!

  3. On the flip side, the best coaches want to work with exciting and challenges leaders and teams, but generally don’t always know where to find them.

The OMTM was born. Whats next?

It is early days and our community of coaches and leaders is small (but mighty). As we continue to grow and learn, we will be sharing the learnings back to the community, so we can all learn faster and perform better (hence The OMTM, but more on that another time).

Join the community

If you want to find an exceptional coach, drop us a line. If you want to spread the love and introduce your own coach, we’d love to hear. Finally, if you are a ninja coach and want to meet The OMTM's advisory coach panel, you know where to find us!


Founder (and great coach evangelist)

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